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5 Leverages Cariloop for Its Recruitment Closing Strategy


“Help people. Period.” This is the motto that energy advisory firm, 5, has embedded into its culture since founding in 2011. The firm helps commercial, industrial and public-sector clients create and implement Whole Health Energy Plans, but the magic of the company is the people who are vulnerable with each other and are mission-driven as they intentionally create a positive work environment that is unlike any other.

Culture goes beyond care packages, company perks and even handwritten notes from the executive team. It is about ensuring employees feel cared for and supported, and finding innovative ways to show it daily. When the team at 5 heard the story of Cariloop’s CEO story about his family’s own caregiving challenges that ultimately led to the founding of the company at a Conscious Capitalism event, they knew they had found a solution that could help every employee and further build on the company culture.  

“During the pandemic, while all working from home, we saw emotions and feelings that were below the surface for team members who were struggling to navigate caregiving challenges, whether that was caring for an elderly parent, finding specialized care options for a family member or even just dealing with having the kids at home,” said Jeff Schiefelbein, Chief Culture Officer at 5. “When we met Cariloop, we were excited to be able to turn to these employees and say ‘let us help you.’”

The relief that 5 saw on employees’ faces when they learned they had a caregiver support benefit through Cariloop was overwhelming and the company has experienced significant utilization across its team. Now 5 employees can have peace of mind and a sense of empowerment by working with a Cariloop Care Coach when navigating their caregiving journeys, whether that is caring for a family member, friend or anyone they consider a loved one.

“I connected my friend, Steve, with a Cariloop Care Coach when he was navigating dementia with one of his family members. He was extremely thankful and it reduced his stress level,” said Tommy, a 5 employee. “In many cases, just knowing where to go for help is one of the biggest challenges. Cariloop is a benefit that you hope you never have to use personally, but it can be an absolute game-changer to have if needed.”

As 5 continues to grow as a company, the executive team regularly uses Cariloop as a key selling point during interviews as a way to showcase the culture and intentionality the company makes towards its employees. 

“Many companies boast a strong culture, but one of the ways we can prove how fundamentally different we are is through showcasing Cariloop. Every time we discuss that this is a free benefit for employees and their loved ones, it’s a light bulb moment for the candidate. It’s the exact moment when you see them think of themselves not as a prospect but as a future 5 employee,” Schiefelbein said. “We are incredibly proud of our partnership with Cariloop and to work with a company that is so driven to help people and meet them where they are at.”

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