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Cariloop Announces Successful Release of Updated Software Portal

Dallas-based Cariloop, provider of comprehensive services and tools to help families plan for and manage the care of aging loved ones, recently launched the latest version of its online case management portal. The updated software application features a new web and mobile-friendly user interface that will better facilitate communication between Cariloop’s Healthcare Coaches and members.

“We wanted to make sure that communication between our Coaches and our members was as simple and effective as possible,” Jeryn Laengrich, Chief Service Officer of Cariloop, said. “If our members are in a caregiving emergency, then it is our duty to make sure that the experience they have with us is as seamless as possible.” With this update, members can better organize the many discussions they’re having with family members, easily upload files and documents for the coaches to view and quickly search through all discussion feeds on their case file to engage with any previous discussions or content within their case. “A lot of our members, for example, have a hard time figuring out the complexities of Medicare and what it will pay for,” Laengrich said. “With the new search feature, members don’t need to panic the next time they’re wondering if Medicare will pay for their loved one’s hospital stay. They can simply search for the specific discussions they had with their coach about it and quickly ask follow up questions as needed.” Cariloop Healthcare Coaches can also create and manage tasks for members to keep their family’s caregiving experience on track. As healthcare consumers continue to become comfortable utilizing on-demand service platforms, the company has placed a significant amount of focus on the speed at which members and their families can access a healthcare professional to help address the challenges they face as they care for a loved one. “Consumers don’t have time to sit on hold with a customer service agent waiting for key information they need to make healthcare decisions for their family,” Michael Walsh, Cariloop CEO, said. “By providing our members with a dedicated Healthcare Coach and simple tools to quickly access that Coach any time, they never have to feel alone as they deal with one of the most stressful transitions they’ll ever face in their lifetime.” Over the past 12 months, the company has continued to gain traction in their membership program with nearly 1,000 paid monthly or annual subscribers. Using their online platform, Cariloop’s Healthcare Coaches have also helped caregivers in over a dozen states as they work to care for family members who live long distance. “Our team is really clicking right now. It’s been amazing to see how our employees, board members, advisors, and vendors have pulled together around a common belief and demonstrated just how powerful a force Cariloop can be in the marketplace,” Walsh, said. Cariloop has now closed their first two rounds of investor capital, totaling just over $1 million. The fundraising efforts were led by several key angels and family offices in Dallas-Fort Worth that have been supportive of Cariloop’s mission and management team from its inception. The company plans to raise a Series A round this fall.

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